Management Information Systems / Network Administrator

Average Annual Salary:  $50,789* 

*Compensation reflects annual salary and fringe benefits and health & welfare.  Source: PAS, Inc 2015 Wisconsin Salary Survey.



The management information systems (MIS) manager is responsible for the effective utilization of computer technology in the organization. The MIS manager leads the planning process for future acquisition and utilization of computer hardware and software that will enable the organization to meet it’s short and long-term objectives. The MIS manager provides leadership, direction and control of the MIS function with budget and staffing responsibility. He or she assures training is being provided to department personnel as well as user groups. Another important area is the development and  enforcement of security for all hardware, software, and information. Other responsibilities include the selection, maintenance, and operation of computer equipment and software.

Smaller companies probably will not have a manager of information systems. Leadership in the  utilization of computer technology can come from any level or department in a construction company.  Very often individuals who find working with computers challenging take a leadership role in defining  how they can be used in the company.

Frequently, operations personnel are selected to spearhead the selection of computer equipment or software because they understand the needs and methods of the organizations.

Education and Training

The manager of computer information systems will most generally have at least a college degree. It is very possible, however, for an individual to work their way up through the organization if they have a knack for using computers and acquire the knowledge in other ways. Computer training is essential for adequately using computer equipment at any level in the organization.


Advancement Potential

Managers of computer systems may advance to the Vice President level of the organization. As an organization’s use of computers matures there is a realization that information systems are an integral part of the organization and the V.P. of Information Systems is included in long range planning.

Other Computer-Related Positions

Although computers are used in almost any job in a construction company there are numerous other positions that relate specifically to working with computer technology. Some of those positions are: computer operator, computer programmer, systems analyst, CAD operator, and hardware support technician. It is always most desirable to hire people for these positions with a background in the construction industry.