Administrative Assistant

Average Annual Salary:  $41,172* 

*Compensation reflects annual salary and fringe benefits and health & welfare.  Source: PAS, Inc 2015 Wisconsin Salary Survey.


Nature of Work

A good secretary or administrative assistant allows the executive decision-makers to be efficient by providing those supporting services that will save time and provide organization of the work. Much of the work of an administrative assistant or executive secretary is routine, but often highly important.  Listed below are some of the secretarial tasks of those presently working in the construction industry.

1. Sorts mail and often responds to letters that are of a routine nature.

2. Maintains a schedule of appointments for those for whom she or he is directly responsible.

3. Takes dictation and transcribes it.

4. Does preliminary interviews of job applicants.

5. Maintains office efficiency by ordering supplies and being prepared for rush jobs.

6. Types financial reports.

7. Sets-up meetings.

8. Often will organize social affairs for the company.

9. May be responsible for the care of personnel records, including the coordination of vacation time.

10. Types various kinds of contracts and proposals.

11. Meets and welcomes guests of the company.

12. Handles correspondence.


Education and Training

A high school diploma appears to be an absolute necessity. In addition, a strong background in the basic secretarial skills is mandatory. This includes shorthand, transcription, typing, understanding business  machines, and a strong working knowledge of English grammar and spelling.

Background training in business administration as the result of attendance at a junior college or school of business would also be helpful. Beyond these basic skills, however, is another important feature, namely attitude and grooming. It is often true that the secretary will establish the basic tone of the office. In this regard a secretary must consider his or her attitude and grooming as an integral part of their career pattern. They must develop those personal skills and habits that have a positive effect on a

variety of different people.

People under pressure need support, and the secretary/administrative assistant is often the best person to provide that necessary lift to make a working day more pleasant and profitable. Human relations skills, then, are no less important than the more mechanical skills of an efficient secretary.

Advancement Potential

Job conditions are generally good, though on occasion hectic. The rewards, however, are quite good with salaries at or well above those paid by other industries.