Safety Director

Annual Salary:  $97,676* 

*Compensation reflects annual salary and fringe benefits and health & welfare.  Source: PAS, Inc 2015 Wisconsin Salary Survey.


Nature of Work

The position of safety director is an important one. In some construction firms the safety director may be an officer or senior manager of the company. The safety director’s primary responsibility is to keep the loss of human and property resources to a minimum. The safety director is an individual capable of managing jobsite safety by providing safety training for employees, inspecting jobsites, correcting safety hazards found during regular inspections, managing worker’s compensation insurance processes, and ensuring that the company is in compliance with required Occupational Safety and Health  Administration (OSHA) safety and health standards.


Education and Training

A college education is not essential although pertinent safety training courses are desirable. A good safety director understands OSHA regulations and how they work in construction. He or she also has basic knowledge of construction operations, materials, and methods. Most safety directors have  previous construction experience and a keen interest in construction safety.


Advancement Potential

Safety directors are often capable money makers and capable of working with individuals at all levels of the corporate ladder. The high cost of health care and expenses related to jobsite injuries, as well as the high cost of replacing and/or repairing a company’s resources including its property, equipment, and tools is prompting many construction companies to hire safety directors. Safety directors often advance to higher level management positions either in their company or in others.