Apprenticeships & Pre-Apprenticeship Programs

Earn while you learn. Instead of taking out thousands in college loans, apprentices work and earn a paycheck during their training.  Most apprenticeship programs range from 2-4 years. Apprenticeships usually get paid on a graduated scale as their skills and experience increases, and of course learns a trade at the same time.

In addition to community colleges, many organizations in XXXXXXXX help workers develop the skills needed to compete more effectively in today’s job market by offering pre-apprenticeship classroom instruction. This classroom instruction is designed to teach the basic skills needed in order to complete an apprenticeship program. Pre-apprenticeship programs are offered through the State Department of Education, local school districts, and various non-profit organizations. Examples of subject matter taught through pre-apprenticeship programs include advanced mathematics, basic and advanced electronics, theory, and classroom experience with industry machinery and equipment.